Athirathram, 4000 year-old Vedic Yagna begins at Panjal in Kerala

Athirathram, a 4000 year-old Vedic ritual (Yagna) has begun today (4 April 2011) at Panjal in Kerala. For the first time, the historic Yagna will be studied by a team of scientists to analyze the impact of the ritual on the environment and people. Panjal is located in Trissur district of Kerala. Athirathram is a 12-day Yagna which is held under the guidance and management of extremely virtuous Vedic Pandits who have several decades of experience.

Led by V P M Namboodiri, former director of the International School of Photonics, CUSAT, Kerala., the team of scientists will study the psychological and physiological impact of the fire ritual on human beings and its impact on the atmosphere, soil and its micro-organisms.

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