Garuda shaped Chithy or platform in Athiratham Vedic ritual

Garuda-shaped Chithy in Athirathram

Athirathram is performed either with Garuda-shaped platform (chithy) or without this platform. Panjal Athirathram 2011 will have the hearth shaped like the mythical bird “Garuda” or eagle, and made of special bricks laid out to the ancient Vedic measurement. The Garuda shaped chithy of Panjal Athirathram 2011 is called ‘Panchapathrika’, as Garuda has 5 wings!

There will be 200 bricks in one layer of platform and there will be 5 layers for the platform. The bricks used for the platform are of 5 different shapes. The basis is Square, “Chathurthi” and all the other four shapes are from the square i.e “Chathurthyardha“, half of the square. “Chathurtheepaadya“, 1/4 th of a square, “Chathurasrapadya” and “Hamsamukhi“.There will be more than 1100 bricks in total for the platform.

This article is a guest post by Sandeep Varma who will be covering Panjal Athirathram 2011 and providing us the up-to-date information on this Vedic event.

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  1. Sacchi says:

    I first heard about Athirathram in Michael Woods BBC presentation, Story of India. I was absolutely stunned when I watched this ritual. It was spectacular. I cannot tell how thrilled I am that this great yagna is being performed. Hope it is telecast LIVE.

  2. poonam singh says:

    i have some background info to share about the garuda and the ram being of Egyptian Ra sun god’s favorites..and the Indus valley seals having the same symbols. Egyptian-Greek-Persian-roman connections. hardly Indian..

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Please, you can send the info to Hindupad. We will publish it with your name in the site.. Thanks for sharing the information ..