Stories from Shiva Purana

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-175

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-175

This Shiva Purana is the largest Purana and it is considered as equivalent to the Holy Vedas with regard to its spiritual significance. By learning and listening to this Purana, we would be able to lead an honest and a disciplined life.

Just by once listening to the Shiva Purana, we could get the benefit of performing 100 Yagnas. Those who regularly read this Holy Purana, would get the benefit of taking bath in Holy Rivers.

Those who listen to the Purana even only for one hour, their entire sins would be burnt into ashes, and especially at this Kali age, it is very helpful to get rid from the clutches of Kali Purusha, and those who read Purana sincerely, would get all of their wishes fulfilled, and their life would go on smoothly without any hindrances.

Persons who do not have bhakti on Lord Shiva or those who consider Lord Shiva as a mere fictitious god, does not have the right to listen to the Katha of Shiva Maha Purana. Those who are desirous of listening to Shiva Maha Purana must only have the privilege of listening to the holy Shiva Purana.

Lingodbhava is a form of Lord Shiva, and we can see him in this form in some Shiva temples. The idol represents the emergence of Lord Shiva from the Shiva Linga, and he is popularly worshipped by the devotees in this form. Lingodbhava was praised by the Nayanmar saints, and they have mentioned about this form in their holy works also.

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