Songs on Krishna

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Ancient medieval saints like Tukaram, Meerabai and Eknath have kept great faith and bhakti on Lord Krishna. Their poems on Krishna are amazing and they were written it in a simple language, and in an easily understandable manner. People those who lived during their period, would recite their songs regularly, and due to that, they have also become ardent devotees of Lord Krishna. But nowadays, due to the busy schedule of the people, listening to the bhakti songs is reduced. Though it is not possible for us to compose songs similar to them, at least, we can sing their songs, in order to boost our spiritual energy.

The contents present in some of their wonderful devotional songs on Lord Krishna are as follows:-

1. Oh! The great Lord Krishna, you are the holder of the Govardanagiri Mountain and you are very fond of your devotees, the cowherds and Gopikas.

2. Oh! You have been called as Achuta, Ananda and Govinda and you are having innumerable names, which we used to fondly recite it regularly.

3. Oh! My lovely Lord Krishna, You are my sweet heart, and during my sleep also, I am having your thoughts only.

4. Oh! Krishna you are the master of the universe, but you stood before the Vrindavan people as a small cowherd boy. Your powers are unlimited and you are the precious “DIAMOND STONE” for us.

5. Oh! My master Krishna, I want to once again see the Leelas and miracles performed by you during the Dwapara Yuga at your child hood.

6. Oh! Lord Krishna, I am very much wondering aboutthat how you have killed the dreaded demon Kamsa through your tender hands.

7. Oh! My little Krishna, you have given salvation to all of your cowherd friends, and made them to lead a happy life.

8. Oh! Krishna, I want to become your flute, so that, I can always realize your divine touch, and I can always stay in your lotus hands.

9. Oh! Krishna, I want to become an ornament, and I want to always dwell in your body.

10. Oh! Krishna, only through your mercy, the sun, moon and the stars are shining in the sky, and the entire universe is functioning properly.

11. Oh! Krishna.Your devotees are always praising your glories, chanting your mantras, and sanctifying you.

12. Oh! Krishna, you are the divine master for us, we are like the blind people, hence please lend your helping hands, and show us the proper spiritual path.

13. Oh Krishna, by chanting your names, we are getting delighted, and we want to recite your names more and more.

14. Oh! Krishna, come once again to this world, in order to give brightness, and to remove the illusions and sufferings of the people.


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