Kuchela Anugraha Moorthy | Sudama Anugraha Murthy

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

God never finds partiality between his devotees, he treats everyone as alike and would fulfil their wishes at the appropriate time, and till such time we have to patiently wait like the crane who used to patiently stand on its one leg on the pond, in order to catch the fish. In the previous Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna has given a GOLDEN RULE while ruling the Dwaraka Kingdom and the people in Dwaraka didn’t suffer from any kind of difficulties in their life.

Kuchela who was also known as Sudama was a childhood friend of Lord Krishna, and once, he went to Dwaraka and met Krishna at his palace, in order to improve his standard of living. Kuchela lived in the present day Porbandar at Gujarat. After getting warm welcome from Lord Krishna and his consort Ma Rukmini, Kuchela offered some quantity of flattened rice also known as Aval in Tamil, to Lord Krishna, and the great Lord has accepted it with happiness and also put some Aval on his mouth. After conversing with Lord Krishna for some time, Kuchela returned to his home at Porbandar. To his surprise he found that his hut was changed into a big palace, and his wife wore a nice silk sari, and all of his children wore costly garments, and he also found few servant maids giving him a warm welcome and invited him to his home. After a few moments, Kuchela had realised that all sorts of goodness happened in his life was due to the grace showered by Lord Krishna on him. Till his death, Kuchela had lived a very comfortable life and also remembered Lord Krishna throughout his life for the unconditional love and mercy showered on him.

Since Lord Krishna has given a very good life to his childhood friend Kuchela, he is also called as “KUCHELA ANUGRAHA MOORTHY”, which means blessings showered on Kuchela like a rain. Similar to showering his marvellous blessings on Kuchela, the beautiful god Krishna would shower his blessings also on us, based on our sincerity and utmost faith on him. For some people life appears like a bed of rose, whereas for some people life appears like a bed of thorns, and it all depends on our fate. Though we cannot entirely change our fate, at least we can beg to Lord Krishna, in order to give sufficient withstanding powers to us, in order to easily face the troubles and turmoil in our life.


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