Story of Rukmini Harana (Marriage of Rukmini, Sri Krishna)

Krishna Rukmini wedding

Krishna Rukmini wedding

Rukmini Harana is an event which celebrates the marriage between Madanmohan and Rukmini. It is a grand festival at Puri Jagannath Temple. It falls during Nirjala Ekadashi day (Jyeshta Shukla Ekadashi).

Story of Rukmini Harana

Rukmini longs to wed Krishna. The princess of Vidharbha, she might well be free to do so, only her brother Rukmi was a friend of Kansa, whom Krishna had killed. Besides, her father is a minion of King Jarasandha, and Jarasandha prefers that Rukmini marry Shishupal.

Rukmini writes to Krishna to come and abduct her from the temple, rather than fight for her.. she does not want war. Krishna agrees. Shishupal also comes to Vidarbha, hoping to win Rukmini’s hand. Jarasandha, full of suspicions about Krishna, equips Shishupal with an army,

Krishna carries a willing Rukmini away on his chariot, on her way back from the temple. Jarasandha’s armies give chase after Shishupal spots the couple..Rukmi almost catches up with them, but Krishna defeats him.

Rukmi is spared death, because of his sister’s entreaties, but is diminished by having his head shaved.

Krishna always obliges the women who love him.

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