Slavery system

Slavery system exists since ancient times. Though now the system is almost abolished, yet in certain places, the employers are treating their employees as bonded labourers and slaves. They are becoming bonded labourers after they sign the terms of agreement with their employers. They are not even provided proper food, and forcefully they are compelled to work for more than 16 hours in a day.

Some places, they are treated similar to animals and they are badly beaten up by their employers. But since the government is taking necessary steps to eradicate such a cruel act, the system is slowly coming down to an end. But still due to poverty, some village people are sending their children for contract work, and in some places, those children are suffering a lot, due to the rude acts of their employers.

In ancient times, some bad kings used to throw their slaves inside the cages of the hungry tigers, and would cheerfully watch the cruel scene of the tigers eating the slave.

Some girls are also kidnapped and getting sold to rich people for huge amounts, and they would be made to involve in the flesh trade. Those who do such type of rough act to those innocent girls would be severely punished by Mata Shakti, since all the females are considered as the divine incarnations of Ma Shakti. Some girls used to escape from such places and would return to their home town.

Most of the poor people didn’t want to complain about their problems, due to their fear from physical attacks.Mostly children below the age of 18 are not allowed to work as labourers. Though the slavery system is not prevalent in most of the places of India, but still it has to be completely abolished throughout India. We must think that the slavery people are also like us, and would put our efforts to put an end to the slavery system.

Big business houses must give their helping hand to the bonded labourers, and make them to be the permanent employees in their companies. God is creating kind hearted people for helping others. Apart from the activities of the government, the suppressed and backward classes of people must be given proper employment opportunities by the business establishments. Apart from making profit in businesses, the business people must also do good karmas in order to get added into their life account, by doing good deeds.


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