Sculpture Day Sand Sculpture | International Sculpture Day – 24 April 2017

Tarani Prasad Mishra has made a sand sculpture for International Sculpture Day. 24 April is celebrated as International Sculpture Day. For 2017, Tarani Prasad Mishra has designed this sand sculpture denoting three emotions in this art.

Tarani has made this sand sculpture on the banks of Vamsadhara River near LN Peta, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh.

There are three types of emotions in this art in words of Tarani Prasad Mishra..

Subject to the conditions of the social movements of the fixed-term
“solid” as the emotions Edges have a bit of relaxation, a little stray
moving “pillar” of emotions Pointing principle, moving a wide array of
“sphere” of emotions.

IF you take any concept art which is derived by above three emotions
only The “concept art” is a mixed form symbol of the “cube, cylinder
and sphere”. Then the final sand sculpture will come out.

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