Significance of Kazipet Swetharkamoola Vinayaka Temple

What is the Significance of Kazipet Swetharkamoola Vinayaka Temple? Here is the detailed information about the importance of Swetharka Moola Ganapathi Temple….

Swetarkamoola Ganapathy is permanently located at Vishnupuri Colony, Kazipet of Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh. Thousands of devotees throng in long queues for the darshan of Lord Swetarkamoola Ganapathy. This has been a continuous process for last 15 years.

Lord Ganesha has been fulfilling the desires of tens of thousands of devotees whoever solemnly walks around the temple chanting his name with mere grass (Garika, Agrastis Linearis) on hand. People believe that it is at mere sankalpa (thought or desire) in the temple, their solemn desires would be fulfilled by his grace and also get assurance of being accomplished.

Therefore, SwetarkamoolaGanapathy is also known as ‘Sankalpa Siddhi Karakudu’, Swetarkamoola Ganapathy possess all organs of Ganesha. They are nither carved nor moulded by any sculptor. They are naturally formed and his form is amazing with clear eyes, forehead, teeth, wisdom tooth, legs, feet, hands, navel, bed and throne and we see him sitting on a rat on Mooshika Vahana, his mode of transport.

Swamy is exactly seated facing east side and it appreas as if God is looking at North-East (Eshanya) extending his eyesight to Kailasa, the Heaven of Siva. This is an indication that Lord Ganesha is a dissipater of all Vaastudoshas too. This is one of the unique features of Lord Ganesha.

Further a Purana story narrates that the present posture of Ganapathy is the result of a war that occurred between a Mooshika (rat) and an Asura. It was during the war Lord Ganesha seems to have pulled out his right tooth and broken it and thrown the half broken tooth at the enemy. Then the enemy seems to have come to the rescue of Lord Ganesha and touched his feet to protect him.  It is after the end of war, Lord Ganesha seems to have seated comfortably and quietly in the present position and this is being considered as another unusual feature of Lord Ganesha.

Swetarkamoola Ganapathy has been fulfilling the vows and desires of all those who visit him and pray to him atleast once in life time. It is assumed that visiting Swetarckmoola Ganapathy and walking around the temple chanting his name “Om Gam Ganapathaye Namaha” brings peace, prosperity and tranquility to devotees.

Courtesy: The official website of Swetharka Moola Ganapathi Temple, Kazipet

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