Shani Pradosh: 9 March 2013

Today, 9 March 2013 is Shani Pradosham (Sani Pradosh Vrat – Pradosh on Saturday). It is even more significant as it falls during Maha Shivaratri days. Maha Shivaratri date is March 10, tomorrow.

Shani Pradosham is a meritorious vrat to observe. Lord Shiva blesses the performers of Shani Pradosham with moksha. Those who are suffering from Shani Dosham and those who want to pacify Shani’s effects on their Janma Kundali can also perform Shani Pradosha Puja.

This Pradosh falls in falgun month as per North Indian Hindi calendar and in Magha Month according to Telugu, Marathi, Kannada and Gujarati calendars.

It falls in Maasi Masam in Tamil calendar, Kumbha Masma of Malayalam calendar and Falgun Month as per Bengali Panjika.

The time to observe Pradosh puja is 4.30 pm to 6 pm, just before sunset. Pradosha Ashtakam is one of the highly meritorious text to chant during Pradosh Shiva Puja.

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  1. Vasantamaalika says:

    what is on 9 march 13 according to hindu calender