Sage Dadhichi (Dadhichi Maharshi)

Dadhichi was a great Sage who was born to Atharva. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and known for his great sacrifice.

He did severe penance for years together and had acquired great powers. His penance had terrified Lord Indra, who was afraid that Dadichi might capture heaven from him. But Dadichi was not interested in all that and continued his devotion to God.

Later a Brahmin by name Vrutrasura became the head of demons and was troubling the devas. Vrutrasura had become so powerful that the Gods did not know what to do with him and approached Lord Vishnu seeking his help.

Vishnu declared that only a weapon made from the bones of a pious rishi can help to kill Vrutrasura. The Gods did not know of anyone who would be ready to part with their bones . But Vishnu advised them to go to Sage Dadhichi who would help them in this task.

When Dadhichi was informed about this, he did not even think for a moment and decided to donate his bones to the cause. Dadhichi became lifeless in as short while and Lord Indra made the VajraAyudha from his bones.

The devas went on to win the war against demon Vrutrasur with the weapon made of Dadhichi’s bones. This way the sacrifice of the great Sage Dadhichi saved the Gods from the demons.

Dadhichi, is considered as a great sage in Hinduism. Dadhichi is widely praised for sacrificing his life for making the divine weapon “VAJRAYUDHA” from his bones, in order to kill the serpent king Vrita, who gave lot of problems to the Devas in the heaven. With the use of the vajra, made from sage Dadhichi’s bones, Lord Indra killed the Asura and regained the heaven.

Dadhichi was the son of the sage Atharvan and his wife Chiti. Atharvan was the author of Atharvaveda. The names of Dadhichi’s wife and his son were Suvarcha and Pippalada, respectively.

His wife was a noble and a pious woman, and his son pippalada was considered to be an avatar of Lord Shiva. Dadhichi had established his ashram, in Naimisharanya near Lucknow.

The importance of Sage Dadhichi is also mentioned in various vedas and divine hindu texts.
Dadhichi is believed to have written the “NarayanaKavacham”, a famous poem in praise of Lord Vishnu, and we can get better results in our life, by regularly reading and singing the “NARAYANA KAVACHAM”.

Dadhichi left from Daksha’s yagna , since Daksha was not invited Lord Shiva for the yagna.


Dadhichi was a popular rishi, and celebrated for his selflessness. Dadhichi had given his body for destroying the evil forces. Dadhichi was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

He was a pious and a noble sage, and also a learned scholar, and an expert in all the hindu Puranas, Vedas and other devotional texts. He has got great divine power, through his meditation. He never thought about himself, and only thought about the welfare of the other living beings in the earth and in the heaven.

His selfless sacrifice cannot be imagined in today’s world. Nobody will give their life willfully, even if it is meant for doing goodness to others. Most of the people will think about their own life, and to protect themselves, in this today’s KALIYUGA. But this great maharishi had donated his body for the noble cause. It is considered that after his death, he is living in the “SAPTHA RISHI MANDALA” in divine form.

Let us pray to this great Maharishi, and be blessed.

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