Rishi Nagarjuna | Indian metallurgist, alchemist

Rishi Nagarjuna (100 AD) was born in a village in Madhya Pradesh. He has made detailed research in the field of chemistry and made lot of inventions and discovered new things. He also wrote lot of medical books like ‘Arogyamanjari’ and ‘Yogasar’, and cured the diseases of the people. He was appointed as the chief […]

Rishis & Rishi Pathnis | Sages & Wives of Sages in Hinduism

Rishis also called as sages are the holy creations of Lord Brahma. They are considered as the powerful sons of Lord Brahma. They are the special creations born in this earth, in order to introduce the Vedas, Holy texts, Shastras, Yagnas and other rituals for the well-being of the people in the earth. Rishis performed […]

Koundinya Rishi | Originator of Koundinya Gothra

Brahmins who have Koundinya Gothra are considered as descendants of Koundinya Maharishi. And people belonging to Koundinya Gothra are found in North as well as in South India, and are living all over the world. Ancient Brahmin kings who contain Koundinya gothra ruled in major parts of India. Rishi Koundinya is mentioned in various Puranas […]

Atreya Rishi | Atreya Vrittantha

Atreya Rishi was a descendant of Sage Atri and his importance are described in the ancient Puranas. He was born in Takshashila, Gandhara in the present day Pakistan. Sage Atreya was a great physician of Ayurveda and he wrote the famous book Bhela Samhita on 6th century BC. He worked as a physician for several […]

Markandeya Katha | Story of Markandeya Maharshi

Markandeya Katha, Story of Markandeya Maharshi is explained here.. Many years ago, a great destruction (Pralaya) took place. The earth was shrouded in darkness and nothing could be seen. There was neither sun nor moon. Lightning and thunder crushed mountains and trees. There were showers of meteors. Lakes and rivers dried up. The entire earth […]

Kakabhushundi | Rishi Kakbhushundi Katha

Kakabhushundi is a rishi and his details are mentioned in ancient Hindu texts.The great saint Sri Tulsidas was mentioned about him in his famous text Ramcharitmanas. Due to the curse ofRishiLomasa, he has transformed into a crow, and decided to live the rest of his life in that form itself. Through Rishi Lomasa, he has […]

Muchukunda Rishi

Muchukunda, was the son of King Mandhata, and he was born in the Ikshvaku dynasty, also known as Suryavamsha. The important kings of this dynasty were Harishchandra, Dileepa, Raghu and Sri Rama. Once King Muchukunda helped the demigods, and fought against the demons for a long period of time.And finally, he was succeeded in the […]

Astika Rishi | Son of Manasa Devi & Jaratkaru

Astika was an ancient rishi, and he was a son of Rishi Jaratkaru and the serpent goddess Mata Manasa Devi, who is also a sister of the great serpent king Vasuki. He also saved the life of the serpant king Takshaka, when king Janamejaya performed a snake sacrifice, to avenge for the death of his […]

Agnivesha Rishi | Author of Agnivesha Samhita

Agnivesha was an ancient Vedic rishi and a famous author on Ayurveda. He was the disciple of Punarvasu Atreya. He has written Agnivesha Samhita, based on his guru’s teachings. But after some time, most of the scripts written by him in palm leaves were lost and only a few chapters were available. It is very […]

Rishyasringa | Sage Rishyashringa

Rishyasringa was a boy born with the horns of a deer and his father was the Vibhandak Rishi, and his mother was Urvashi, a celestial woman. According to legend, his father Vibhandak Rishi was attracted with Urvasi, who was sent by Lord Indra in order to disturb his penance. And after having an affair with […]

Parashara Maharshi

Parashara was a Maharshi and the author of many ancient sacred Hindu texts. He was the author of Vishnu Purana. His grandfather was Vashishta, father was Sakti Maharishi, and his son was Vyasa. Parashara while travelling on the banks of river Yamuna was attracted by the beauty of fisherman’s daughter, Satyavathi, and he united with […]

Ashtavakra, Author of Ashtavakra Gita

Ashtavakra is an ancient sage in Hinduism. He was born as a physically handicapped person.He was mentioned and regarded as a popular sage in the epics and Puranas. His grandfather was the great sage “ARUNI”. And Sage Aruni was a great scholar, and also a teaching professional of vedas and other ancient texts. Ashtavakra was […]

Chyavana (Rishi Chyavana), Creator of Chyawanprash

Chyavana was an ancient rishi in Hinduism. He was the son of Rishi Bhrigu, and it is believed that he was the creator of the Ayurdedic medicine known as chyawanprash, through the guidance of Ashwin Kumaras. He was a powerful rishi and contains sufficient powers enough to oppose Lord Indra, and helped the Ashvin kumaras […]

Upamanyu (Maharshi Upamanyu)

The life of the great Sage Upamanyu was told by Vaayudeva in Shiva Maha Purana. Upamanyu was a devotee of Lord Shiva and made severe penance and obtained Ksheera Ramalingeswara in his childhood. Upamanyu is the son of Ugradanta and was very poor and instead of giving him milk,his mother used to give the child, […]

Marichi Maharshi | Son of Brahma

Rishi Marichi was the son of Lord Brahma, and he is one among the Saptarishis. He is the father of Rishi Kashyapa. Marichi, followed the path of Dharma and was greatly respected by the demi gods, devas and asuras for his great meditative power. Along with Rishi Kashyapa, he had many children. Mata Dharmavrata was his noble wife. Once Dharmavrata […]

Madhvacharya Jayanti 2019

Madhvacharya Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Sri Madhvacharya, who is also known as Purna Prajna and Ananda Tirtha. In 2019, Madhvacharya Jayanti date is October 8. Popularly known as the ‘Dvaita Siddhanta Kartha’, who proposed and spread dualism, Dvaita school of Hindu philosophy, Madhvacharya was an important philosopher during Bhakti Movement. Sri Madhvacharya was […]

A brief history of Abhinavagupta

Abhinavagupta, born and lived between c. 950 and 1020 AD in India was the great philosopher and literacy critic. He was considered as the pivotal person in the Hindu histories of Scholastic philosophy, aesthetic theory and tantra. Abhinavagupta elaborated and gave many notable writings particularly on Pratyabhijna Philosophical theology. This was augmented by him for […]

Kabir Jayanti 2019

Kabir Jayanti is an auspicious day for Kabir Panth devotees, those who are the followers of Sant Kabirdas. In 2019, Kabir Jayanti date is June 17. Kabir Jayanti is observed on Jyeshta Purnima, Full Moon day in Jyeshta Month as per Hindu calendar. The followers of Sant Kabirdas take out big procession on this day […]

Pippalada Katha: Story of Pippalada (Atharva Veda Guru – Maharashi Dadhichi’s son)

‘Pippalada Katha’ is the story of Pippalada (Atharva Veda Guru and Maharashi Dadhichi’s son). Many years ago, there used to be a sage named Dadhici. His wife was Lopamudra. Dadhichi’s hermitage was right next to the holy river Ganga. Lopamudra’s sister Gabhastini also used to live in the hermitage. Such was the sage Dadhichi’s powers […]

Philosophy of Sri Adi Sankaracharya


Sri Adi Sankara wrote Bhashyas or commentaries on the Brahma Sutras, the Upanishads and the Gita. The Bhashya on the Brahma Sutras is called Sareerik Bhasya. Sankara wrote commentaries on Sanat Sujatiya and Sahasranama Adhyaya. It is usually said, “For learning logic and metaphysics, go to Sankara’s commentaries; for gaining practical knowledge, which unfolds and […]