Vritrasura Katha | Complete Story of Vritrasura

Vritrasura Katha: Complete Story of Vritrasura. What is the story of demon Vritrasura? Vritrasura demon, story of Vritrasura association with Lord Shiva. According to Srimad Bhagavatam, there once lived a Prajapati by the name Tvashta. He had a son by the name Vishwarupa who was blessed with three heads. Vishwarupa had immense spiritual strengths and […]

Dadhichi Jayanti 2022 | Maharshi Dadhichi Jayanthi

Dadhichi Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Dadhichi Maharshi. Dadichi still remains the greatest example for sacrifice. When Lord Indra asked him to sacrifice his bones to make a weapon which could kill Vrutasur, Dadichi readily agreed without even thinking for a moment. Dadhichi Jayanti falls on the Ashtami of Bhadrapada Masa every year. It is […]

Sage Dadhichi (Dadhichi Maharshi)

Dadhichi was a great Sage who was born to Atharva. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and known for his great sacrifice. He did severe penance for years together and had acquired great powers. His penance had terrified Lord Indra, who was afraid that Dadichi might capture heaven from him. But Dadichi was not […]

Dadhichi’s inspiration for Body & Organ donation

Dadhichi was a great Sage who donated his bones to Lord Indra, so that he could make the Vajrayudha to kill the demon Vrutrasur. His sacrifice motivates people even today to donate their bodies and organs after their death. As common humans we can atleast donate our organs when we don’t require them after our death. Many organisations […]