Rasi Porutham, Marriage Matching by Rashi (Zodiac Signs, Moon Signs)

Rasi Porutham, what is Rasi Porutham? Rashi Porutham is an aspect in Marriage Matching – by Rashi (Zodiac Signs, Moon Signs).

Hindus who are considering a marriage alliance use the panchangam in order to study the stars and the planets position and based on an ancient methodology decide things for a long and a happy married life.

The panchangam was created by the sages in the ancient time. It is to be remembered that a solemn agreement is a marriage between a boy and a girl who decides to live together in understanding bond for the rest of their lives.

After marriage, there is no turning back. This is the prime reason why all efforts are made by the elders of both the families to ensure the marriage will be a compatible and happy.

Actually, sages charted nearly twenty kootas or poruthams. In the present scenario, only ten kootas or poruthams are matched for the marriage alliance. They are dinam, ganam, yoni, rasi, rasiyathipaty, rajju, vedha, vasya, mahendram and stree deergham. All these kootas or poruthams are together known as Rasi porutham. The parents of both the girl’s and the boy’s family along with elders, relatives and friends study and the match the kootas or poruthams for fixing the marriage alliance.

On the other hand, the study of compatibility of the zodiac signs or the birth stars of the couple is generally known as Rasi Porutham. A prosperous and happy life is said to largely belong to only those whose Rasi poritham is greatly found compatible.

The determinant of the zodiac sign of an individual largely depends on the position of the moon at the time of his or her birth. So, a perfect compatibility in these particular aspects is very important in fixing marriage alliance. In the absence of other compatibilities, rasi porutham really comes as a perfect remedy compensating the requirements to a great extend. Families take the help of learned scholars for understanding the rasi porutham for fixing marriage alliance.

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