Rajju Porutham, Analyses husband’s long life in Horoscope Matching

Rajju Porutham, Analyses husband’s long life in Horoscope Matching, importance of Rajju Porutham in Horoscope matching.

It is highly essential to get engaged a boy and a girl married as per poruthams and Hindu tradition. The parents of both the sides along with elder members, relatives and friends meet in order to finalize things only after studying the chart of porutham. Only after getting a satisfactory result from the panchangam, the date of marriage is fixed by the elders.

It is to be noted that Rajju porutham is the sixth porutham. It is one of the ten porutham that is given prime importance. This particular porutham is required to solemnize a Hindu marriage. The Rajju porutham is perfectly studied and applied because it mentions the husband’s long life.

It is to be remembered that the husband’s long life provides a healthy relationship with his beloved wife. The married life will be filled with joy and happiness. According to the local legends, “Here, the birth stars of both the girl and the boy are formed into groups, each group then representing an essential part of the body.”

  • The foot is largely represented by Aslekha, Maka, Aswini, Moola, Revati and Jyeshta are in pada rajju.
  • The thigh is largely represented by the stars Barani, Pushya, Pubba, Uttarabadra, Purvashada and Anuradha.
  • The head is largely represented by the stars Mirgasira, Chitra and Dhanishta are in siro rajju.
  • The neck portion of the body is largely represented by the stars Rohini, Ardhra, Swati, Sravana, Hasta and Satabisha, these stars are in kanta rajju.
  • The stars Uttara, Krithika, Punarvasu, Purvabadra, Visaka and Uttrashada largely represent the middle portion of the body and they are in nabhi rajju.

Only in case the said stars are in good proposition then the alliance is fixed. In case the stars in average proposition then the alliance is considered after proper analysis. On the other hand, if the stars proposition isn’t good then the marriage alliance is dropped immediately.

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