Mahendra Porutham – indicates progeny, wealth & longevity in Horoscope Matching

Mahendra Porutham – indicates progeny, wealth & longevity in Horoscope Matching – the importance of Mahendra Porutham in horoscope matching..?

It is to be highly remembered that marriage is largely considered much sacred everywhere and anywhere. According to the local legends, it is a perfect solemn union of a husband and his beloved wife, a bonded togetherness of the two hearts through the life’s thick and thin to face it.

As per the Hindu traditions and customs, the elder members in the household of the bride and bridegroom look into the future of a marriage alliance through their matching. In order to find the present and future status in marriage, they consult the horoscopes and stars of the bride and bridegroom. The marriage is called off, if the matching between the bride and bridegroom are not found compatible. They largely assurance that the said marriage between the given bride and bridegroom will be a happy one only if there is perfect compatibility of mental temperaments and attitudes of the said couples.

In general, there are twenty porutham but only ten are largely considered with perfection. The ten poritham in order are dinam, ganam, yoni, rasi, rasiyathipaty, vedha, vasya, mahendram and stree deergam. The results of the porutham will indicate good (uttamam), not bad (madhyamam) and bad (athamam).

Mehendram porutham is one of the significant porutham that indicates progeny, wealth and longevity. As per this porutham, the family will witness prosperity and have children. The husband of the family will have the strength to protect his beloved wife and children from evils. He will be able to meet the needs and wants of the family members.

It is strongly believed that mahendram porutham suffices perfectly in the absence of rasiyathipathi and dinam poruthams. Mehendram porutham plays an active role in the marriage alliance. If the Mehendram porutham is not matching between the bride and bridegroom then the marriage alliance is called off to immediately by the elders of both the families.

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