Shubh Muhurat in August 2020 | Auspicious days, Auspicious Timings

Here is the list of Auspicious days and Auspicious Timings in August 2020 (Shubh din and Shubh Muhurat in August 2020). This list of General Auspicious Timings are not for any specific ritual or ritual such as Marriage or Gruhapravesh but for general activities. For any specific ritual or celebration, you can check ‘Shubh Muhurat‘. […]

Child Born on Amavasya tithi – Effects, Impact (Baby Birth on No Moon)

What is the effects or impact if the child born on Amavasya (Amavasai)? What if you were born on Amavasya day? How will be your future.. career, health, marriage, children, financial development, education, etc..? Importance of Amavasya tithi in Hindu calendar Amavasya is the fifteenth tithi in Krishna Paksha (Vad Paksha – Bahula Paksha – dark fortnight) in […]

Can we change house in Ashadam Masam (House Shifting)

Can we change house in Ashadam Masam? This is a user submitted query in Actually, we cannot shift to new house in Ashada Masam since it is considered as an inauspicious month for any auspicious event like Gruhapravesham, marriage, upanayanam, etc.. Some compulsory events like Cradle Ceremony (Namakaranama – Naming ceremony or 21st day […]

Important Yogas in Horoscope

When the planets are positioned in specific way in the horoscope, it leads to the formation of certain Yogas in horoscope. In this article, we discuss some of the important ones and their effect on the person born with such a horoscope. The below mentioned yogas provide very beneficial results and they can even minimize […]

Ashtama Shani | Effects of Sani in 8th House

Ashtami Shani is having Shani (Saturn) in 8th house either from Lagna chart (Natal chart) or Rashi (Moon sign). Among the 12 houses, the 8th house is known as highly inauspicious and brings utter distress to the native. 8th House denotes Longevity, comfort, insult, property through relatives after their death, life insurance, sorrow face, death, difficulties, […]

Elinati Shani | 7 ½ years of Saturn Transit | Sadesati | Ezharai Sani

Elinati Shani (Sadesati Shani) is the 7 ½ years of Saturn Transit period which has greater significance in any native’s life. Saturn transits 2 years and 6 months in every sign. It takes 7 and a half years for Saturn to transit from the 12th sign to birth sign and to move out of the […]

Sadesati for Mithuna Rashi – Effects, dates, timings

Sade Sati for Mithuna Rashi, effects, dates, timings of Sade Sati for Mithuna Rashi (Gemini sign), what is the importance of Sade Sati for Mithuna Rashi natives? Sade Sati is a seven and half years dreaded period of Shani in a person’s life time. It is also known as Elinati Shani in Telugu and Ezharai Sani […]

Ashtama Shani for Meena Rashi

Ashtama Shani for Meena Rashi (Pisces Sign) effects, results, advantages & disadvantages are given here. Meena Rashi’s Ashtama Shani is considered when Shani enters into 8th house i.e. Tula (Libra) for Pisces moon sign or Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna). Shani owns both 11th and 12th houses (Capricorn and Aquarius) for Pisces sign. The 11th house represents gain, marital bliss, […]

Effects of Moon in 1st House

There are various positive and negative effects of having Moon in 1st House (Lagna – Ascendant). Here are some positive and negative effects listed… Positive effects of moon in 1st house When Sun, Mars or Jupiter is in House No. 4, 10 he will gain through sea voyages and he should seek the blessings of […]

Mrigashira Karthe 2020 | Mirgami

Mrigashira Karthe is a period of 13.5 days during which Sun occupies Mrigashira Nakshatra. In 2020, Mrigashira Karthe begins on 8 June. It continues till 21 June. In 2020, Mrigashira Karthe starts at 6.39 AM on 8 June, Purvashada Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagnam with Alpa Vrushti as result. According to the astrological predictions, there will be […]

Doshams – Navagraha Dosham, Pitru Dosham, Sarpa Dosham

Doshams are the sufferings faced by the humans due to certain bad karmic acts done in their previous births. Doshams are several types such as: Navagraha Dosham, Pitru Dosham, Sarpa Dosham etc. These doshams create lot of problems in the life of the people, and they would not be able to do their daily activities […]

Vrishabha Sankranti | Vrushabha Sankramana

Vrishabha Sankranti (Vrushabha Sankramana) is the period during when Sun transits to Vrishabha rasi (Taurus zodiac) from Mesha rasi (Aries zodiac). Vrushaba Sankranti marks the beginning of Vrishabha masam or Vrushabha month in Solar calendars followed in Hinduism. In 2020, Vrishabha Sankranti date is May 14. This day is popularly known as Brusha Sankranti in […]

Gurupushyamrut Yoga April 2020 date, Time

Gurupushyamrut Yoga (Guru Pushya Nakshatra Yog) is an auspicious period which falls on Thursday that coincides with Pushya Nakshatra. In April 2020, Gurupushyamrut Yoga date is April 30. Time of Guru Pushya Yoga is: From 5.43 AM to midnight 1.52 hrs on April 30, Thursday. In April 2020, there was one more Gurupushyamrut Yoga on […]

Dhanishta Navak 2020 | Dhanista Navak, Dhanista Panchak

Dhanishta Navak and Dhanista Panchak are auspicious periods in Hindu Astrology especially in West and North Indian parts. In 2020, Dhanishta Navak begins on May 14 and ends on May 23. It starts from Dhanista Nakshatra and ends with Rohini Nakshatra in Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of Vaishakh Month as per Marathi and Gujarati calendars […]

Aksharabhyasam on Akshaya Tritiya 2020

Is Akshaya Tritiya 2020 good for Aksharabhyasam? Is it auspicious for Aksharabhyasam/ Vidyarambham? In 2020, Akshaya Tritiya date is April 26. And 26 April 2020 is considered auspicious for Marriage, Upanayanam, Gruharambha (starting house construction), Upanayanam, Annaprasana, Devata Pratishta, Namakaranam (Cradle Ceremony), Seemantham (Baby shower ceremony), Griha Pravesh (House warming ceremony), Digging borewell, etc… And […]

Panchak May 2020 dates

Panchak is a combination of five Nakshatras in Hindu month: Dhanista, Shatabhisha, Purva bhadrapada, Uttara bhadrapada & Revathi Nakshatras. In May 2020, Panchak begins on May 14 and ends on May 19. Timings of Panchak May 2020 Panchak begins at 7.21 PM on 14 May and ends at 7.52 PM on 19 May 2020. Panchak […]

Mantras for Delayed Marriages (Shighra Vivaha Mantras)

Here are the Mantras for Delayed Marriages (Shighra Vivaha Mantras). The first mantra is to be chanted by Kanya (unmarried girl) herself and the second mantra can be chanted by girl’s mother. Mantra to be chanted by the Girl || OM KLEEM HREEM MATANGI PHAT SWAHA || The above mantra should be chanted for 40 days, […]

Astrology Remedies April 2020 for all Rashis, Moon Signs

The article provides the astrology remedies for all rashis or Moon signs to be followed in April 2020. The mantram to chant, Pradakshina (circumambulation), Puja or vrata, stotram to be recited, Yantram to worship, etc. are given from the astrology remedies in Lal Kitab, and many other standard astrology remedies texts in Hinduism. Here are […]

Shares Buying Muhurat 2020 | Shubh Muhurat to buy Shares, Stocks

Shares Buying Muhurat 2020 gives the list of auspicious muhurat to buy Shares in 2019. Shubh Muhurat to buy shares are calculated based on numerous parameters of Jyotish Shastra (Astrology). It is believed that buying shares during these Shubh Muhurat would fetch good profits and higher returns. On daily basis, if you want to buy […]

Ashwini Karthe

Ashwini Karthe is a period of 13.5 days in which Sun transits through Ashwini Nakshatra. In 2020, Ashwini Karthe begins on 13 April and ends on 27 April. Ashwini Karthe Timings At 10.30 PM AM on 13 April, Sun enters into 1st quarter of Ashwini Nakshatra and transits through four quarters of the Nakshatra and […]