Ramoji Om City, Hyderabad | Om Spiritual City

Hyderabad’s ‘Om Spiritual City’ is a religious theme park which would have the replicas of 108 famous temples and other concepts related to Hindu Dharma.

According to a statement of Mr Ramoji Rao, the models of 108 famous temples across the country were being constructed in the spiritual city. Instead of travelling from one corner of the country to another, devotees can worship all the shrines in which they had faith at a single location.

As it will take a week to go across all the temples in the spiritual township, accommodation and all other facilities will be provided there for devotees. A theme park will also be established in the township which will totally function with solar energy. A museum and an auditorium for spiritual meetings will also be constructed..

Besides the temples, the spiritual city will also have a theme park and facilities like hotels, marriage and function halls, health centers, film theaters that screen holy movies, and places to conduct religious rituals among other things.

By visiting this spiritual city the pilgrims will have an opportunity to see and offer prayers at all the holy places and temples at one location without having to go around the country to visit each holy place.

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