Swami Rajarshi Muni

Yashwant was born in the year 1931 in the State of Porbandar in Saurashtra, Gujarat. He finished his basic education in his native place, and completed his higher studies in Limbdi, Gujarat. He has become a devotee of Mahaavatar Babaji at his later stage of life.

He performed well at the school, and eagerly listened to all the classes, and scored good marks in the exams. He finished his graduation in Shamaldas college, and done his post-graduation in a college at Pune. After finishing his studies, he served in the State Government. He used to do yoga, meditation and reading spiritual books and going to temples during his leisure hours,

He was guided on spirituality by Swami Kripalvanandji, and through his help, yashwantwas able to sit in meditation for long hours, and was able to properly pronounce the divine mantras. In the year 1971, Yashwant left his home, and went to Kayavarohan with Swami Kripalvanand. And there he has become a saint and came to be known as Rajarshi Muni, and become a disciple of Swami Kripalvanand.
As per the directions of his guru Kripalvanand, he went to Malav and took charge of the administration of the Kripalu Ashram, and discharged his duties properly. He also went to holy pilgrimages, written spiritual books, gave discourses on devotional topics, and guided the people in the spiritual path.
Let us worship the holy saint and be blessed.

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