Putru Mann | Putta Mannu | Sacred Sand of Snake Burrows

Putru Mann means the sacred sand which would be available in the snake burrows and in the snake burrows present inside some temples of Amman. This holy sand contains medicinal properties, and when we take some sand and if we consume it with water, we would get good relief from our diseases, and also we would get great mental strength. We can also massage this sand in some parts of our body, and also can take mud bath using this sand. The Putru (Snake burrows) are considered as very auspicious, since it is believed that snakes contain the features of Lord Shiva and Ma Shakti.

Those who suffer from severe dandruff and from skin related diseases are suggested to take some sand from the snake burrows, especially from the snake burrows present in the Temples of Amman. After obtaining the sacred sand, they should sincerely pray before the shrine of Amman, and then they should apply it on their head and on their skin before taking bath. It they do it with sincere bhakti on Amman, definitely, they would get relieved from their diseases, and they would get a new life.

Ancient kings and queens have highly honoured Ma Naga Devi, and they have also poured lot of milk in the snake burrows, and due to that, they were able to prosperously rule their kingdom.Ma NagaDevi is worshipped as Ma Manasa Devi, the Holy mother of snakes, and also she is worshipped as Nagathamman. Similar to feeding milk to the cats and dogs, we can also pour some milk in the snake burrows, in order to get good prospects in our lives. In most part of our life, we are living our life by the way of expectation, and by the way of spending our time in sleeping. All of our wishes are not fulfilled completely, and we are not leading a 100% satisfactory life.

We have to follow our old age Hindu traditions and customs, and we must implement it in action. We should not treat the snakes as our enemies but we have to see the face of Ma Shakti Devi in those holy reptiles, and must worship it wholeheartedly.We must regularly feed it with sweet milk and also we can offer fresh fruit juices to those worshipful creatures, in order to add more sweetness in our lives.


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