Snake Charmers

Snake charmers are those people who used to hypnotize a snake by playing a type of musical instrument called as Magudi. Most of the snake charmers are doing like this, in order to earn something for their livelihood.Their profession is very tough, and in case of carelessness, they may even lose their lives through snake bites.

Snake charmers belong to tribal community and most of them would worship Lord Adisesha, the king of snakes and the divine serpent bed of Lord Vishnu. Some rich people also would ask the snake charmers to perform in their homes during functions and festivals. At that time they would observe much precautions and various safety measures are also would be taken.
Snake charmers are also performing in other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

But nowadays due to strict government rules, Snake charming is not performed in most of the Indian states, since the governments feel that the snake charmers would cause harm to the snakes.

Most of the snake charmers would remove the poisonous teeth of the snakes, in order to protect themselves from snake bites. Some snake charmers would also be chanting the “GARUDA” mantra while entertaining the people through their snakes.

As per our ancient history, the great king Alexander’s main entertainment is to watch the dance of the snakes, and he had permanently kept some snake charmers along with him, and would ask them to play the Magudi, whenever needed by him, in order to get some relaxation.

Nowadays some State Governments are utilizing the snake charmers by sending them to other countries in order to promote Indian Tourism.

Animal-rights groups used to raise their voice to stop taming the snakes and to stop using the snakes for entertainment purposes.

According to legend, it is believed that in the under-world, also called as Patala Loka, there exists a separate world for snakes and in that place, several millions of poisonous snakes are living, and they contain divine powers, and are also considered as worshipful demigods. By worshipping the Snake King, Adisesha, we would be relieved from snake bites and from poisonous fevers, and we would get good health with sound mind.


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