Pandupol Hanuman Ji Temple, Alwar

Shri Pandupol Hanuman Ji Temple near Alwar is a famous Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman in North India. It is located near  Sariska Sanctuary at a distance of 35 Kms from Alwar, Rajasthan.

Why Pandupol Hanuman Ji Temple was established?

The bridge of Pandupol is related to the Pandavas who spent part of their time in exile here incognito. At one place, there are two hills meet together. The way was obstructed which was broken upon by Bheem, the most powerful of the Pandavas with his Gada (mace). The result was a door like opening in the rock out of which flows a natural water stream. This beautiful scene and national spot has become all the more sacred and it is haunted by the Hanuman temple which is close by this water stream.

It is said that the Hanuman temple was founded by Sant Nirbhaya Dassji Maharaj, who was a devotee of Lord Hanuman and hence in this thick forest, he founded this temple of Hanuman ji which has been now fully constructed and attracts thousands and thousands of people.

Situated midst the game century of Sariska, the place has special charm. On every Tuesday and Saturday, people visit the temple in great numbers because these two days are held sacred to Lord Hanumanji.

Significance of the deity

Hanumanji, the Monkey God, who was the most beloved devotee of Lord Rama, is worshiped here. The place has developed into a holy place as also a picnic spot and hence people from the surrounding areas and other towns as far as 150 to 200 kms away come to this place and have a darshan of Hanumanji. They offer him bhog of Dal, Bati and Churma.

Architecture of the Temple

Although there is no conscious effort of any architectural contrivance, nevertheless the simplicity of the temple in itself attracts pilgrims, visitors and tourists. More is added to the beauty of the temple by the lush green hills around, the forest hills and dales, flora and the fauna.

Material used for the construction of the temple is – Locally available building material has been used for the construction of the temple.

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