One Man Army

We must have to live in this life without depending on anyone in the world, and must act like a one man army. From our birth till our death, we only have to face any kind of hardships in our life. Even though, we would be having our own family, friends and relatives, we cannot expect them to come with us in every walk of our life. We have to do our own work, must earn money, in order to run our livelihood. But we can always expect help from the god, if in case we are unable to discharge our duties.

Lord Krishna had incarnated in this earth as a one man army, and he also stood on the side of the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war. He acted as a one man army, by riding the chariot and made Arjuna to win in the war. Arjuna didn’t ask Lord Krishna to provide his army during the war, but he insisted Krishna to give only his support. The great Alexandar had expanded his kingdom through his capability, and though he had many soldiers, only through his proper commanding powers, he was able to win in several places, and he acted as a one man army in this regard.

We can see in the films that a single hero would fight with his enemies, and would defeat all of them. But in real life, it is not possible for a single person to defeat several persons. In case of clashes, if a single person tries to prove his valour, in front of large number of people, even though, if he defeats, he can be declared as a one man army, and he can be considered as a hero due to his bravery.

But making ourselves as a one man army must be done only in case of emergencies, and in times of safeguarding others. If some people disturb a single woman, and if she seeks our help, then at that time, we can act as an one army, must pray to the great almighty, and then we can try to fight with them. If simply we try to prove our bravery with strong people, we would be facing defeats only.

The animal king lion can be considered as a one man army, since some times, a single lion would attack a big elephant also, for making it as its prey. Lord Parasurama is the best example of acting as a one man army. When his father Jamadagni, was killed by KartaviryaArjuna he killed him and his Soldiers single-handedly.

Similarly many ancient kings drove their enemy’s army from the battle field singlehandedly, and due to that they have got good name and fame.

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