UmaMaheshwara Vrat (Uma Maheswar Puja)

Umamaheshwara Lord Shiva Parvati

Umamaheshwara Lord Shiva Parvati

UmaMaheshwara Vrata, Uma Maheswar Puja, is a popular vratam observed for marital bliss. Married couple worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma or Parvati for long and happy married life. Devotees perform Umamaheshwar Vrat to fulfill their wishes and to get rid of their sorrows. In 2017, Umamaheshwara Vrata date is September 6.

The legend or the story of Umamaheshwara vrata is mentioned in Umamaheshwara Vrata mahatmya of Skanda Purana. The details about the time when Uma Maheshwar Puja is performed and the mythological personalities or Gods who performed the vrata are mentioned in Shiva Rahasya of Skanda Purana.

Umamaheshwara vratamis observed on Purnima, the Full Moon day, in Bhadrapad month. In some places and some communities also perform Uma Maheswar puja in Kartik month. Kartika Purnima or the Full Moon day during Karthik maas is the day to observe Uma maheshwar puja for some communities. In 2017, Uma Maheswar Puja on Kartik Purnima is November 4.

On Bhadrapad Poornima, in Gujarat Ambaji Bhadrapadi fair is celebrated. This festival or fair is also referred as Bhadravi Poonam or Ambaji Bhadra Poonam.

The day after Uma Maheshwar vrata or Bhadrapada Pournami day, devotees worship dead ancestors. The fortnight dedicated to dead ancestors or Pitru devatas is called as Pitrhu Paksha or Shraddh paksha.

The day before Bhadrapad Purnima is observed as Ananta Chaturdashi on which Ananta Vratam is observed. On Anant Chaturdasi, Ganesh Nimajjan or immersion is held.

The Brahmins who missed to wear Sacred Thread or Yagnopavitham on Shravan Purnima, wear Yagnopavitham on Bhadrapada Pournima day.

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