Aamir Khan removed as Incredible India’s brand ambassador



Aamir Khan removed as brand ambassador of Incredible India..

Call it the power of modern day citizens who are tech savvy and have a huge participation in social media or the ability of the Modi government to react swiftly to anti social activities, Aamir Khan has been unceremoniously removed as Brand Ambassador of Incredible India.

With so many eminent people ready to fight for the integrity of the country, there is no shortage of people who can do better justice to the Incredible India campaign. Remember Aamir Khan had recently said that there is an atmosphere of “intolerance” in our country and he even planned moving out of the country on the advice of his wife.

Well, we can now suggest Mr. Khan to try to relocate to USA and Mr. Donald Trump will be most eager to receive you and your family and provide the neccessary accommodation.

We definitely hail this as a good move by the Tourism Ministry. Keep up the good job folks.

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