Nadi Astrology | Nadi Jyotisham

Nadi Astrology is practiced for several centuries by the Nadi Astrologers in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is based on the palm leaf manuscripts written by ancient sages and Siddhars. In Tamil Nadu, we can find lot of Nadi Astrologers nearby the Vaitheeswaran Temple, and in various parts of Chennai also, lot of Nadi Astrologers are available. We can get their names and addresses by searching in the Google, and also from the daily Tamil Newspapers.

When we approach them, they would register our thumb impression using a certain type of ink in a note book, and after that, they would search for our life history details from the Palm leaf Manuscripts by reading various details. If the detail contained in a particular manuscript matches with us, then we must have to inform it to them. Then they would keep telling about our life history, and would also record it using CD’s. Nowadays most of the Nadi Astrologers are asking us to record the fortune telling details in our Mobile Phone Voice Recorder, in order to hear about our details in future also.

Nadi Astrologers used to tell our past, present and future lives. I also went to some Nadi Astrologers and checked for my details. But they have told only about my past details correctly. With regard to my present and future details, they have not told about it precisely.
Some Nadi astrologers are telling us that we would be suffering from lot of problems in our life, and asking us to do some kind puja and Homam, in order to get relieved from that, and some of them are giving some type of medicine (Legiyam in Tamil), and asking us to consume it for getting relieved from our various health related problems.

In general, we cannot blame on Nadi Astrologers, since Nadi Astrology occupation is the daily bread and butter for them. Still some Nadi Astrologers are telling about our past, present and future details accurately. But choosing the right astrologer is the difficult task for us. By visiting the places of Nadi Astrologers, whether we are getting the correct results from them or not, at least we can have the satisfaction of lighting the lamps in their lives, and we can also recommend to our friends and relatives to visit the Nadi Astrologers, in order to know about our life history details, at least to some extent.


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