Nadi Astrology | Nadi Jyotisham

Nadi Astrology is practiced for several centuries by the Nadi Astrologers in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is based on the palm leaf manuscripts written by ancient sages and Siddhars. In Tamil Nadu, we can find lot of Nadi Astrologers nearby the Vaitheeswaran Temple, and in various parts of Chennai also, lot of Nadi Astrologers […]

Importance of Nadi Astrology & benefits of it

What is the importance of Nadi Astrology and what are the benefits of Nadi Astrology? People have predicted all that. I myself had predicted that there will be a big flood in the Ganges, and so this year don’t venture into any adventures! Many people didn’t go. This is there. Clairvoyant visions are there, and […]

Story of Naina Devi Temple (History, Legend), Himachal Pradesh

Story of Naina Devi Temple (History, Legend) is given here. Naina Devi Temple is located on an altitude of 1177 meters in Distt. Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. Several mythological stories are associated with the establishment of the temple. According to a legend, Goddess Sati burnt herself alive in Yagna, which distressed Lord Shiva. He picked the corpse […]