Importance of Nadi Astrology & benefits of it

What is the importance of Nadi Astrology and what are the benefits of Nadi Astrology?

People have predicted all that. I myself had predicted that there will be a big flood in the Ganges, and so this year don’t venture into any adventures! Many people didn’t go. This is there.

Clairvoyant visions are there, and nadi is one of them from the ancient times, written by the Rishis. 95% or so is correct, and there could be some possibility of change.
Human life is dynamic. If you have done good things and there is positive karma accumulated in your life, things can become better. The base line can be predicted.

You must take all predictions and astrology with a little margin. Why a margin? Because life is dynamic. The Divine can bestow you with some blessings and things may change. Your consciousness has the ability to change things.
Suppose your astrologer says that you might have an accident, you don’t need to have an accident. It’s a probability. You can overcome it. Don’t worry about bad predictions. You can overcome it. It’s just a caution.

Like when there’s a traffic jam, on the radio it says, don’t go on this highway there is a traffic jam. By the time you reach, it can clear also, isn’t it? So you should see it that way. Then there are weather predictions. Most of the time the weather predictions are not predicted right! (audience laughs) They say there will be a thunderstorm and you will have sunny weather at that time! Hasn’t this happened? But the meteorological departments doesn’t shut down even if they have not been accurate, they continue to predict! (audience laughs)

So many astrologers could be like that. But some are accurate. It is a science to see how the microcosm and the macrocosm are linked, and our life force is eternal. This is not the only life. You might have been born in Africa, or in Russia or China.

Life is a continuum. We keep coming back here with different languages, different appearances; but the spirit is same. The spirit is one. Jyothishi means recognizing the quality of light. Everyone is light. Knowing which type of light is each one is called jyotishi.

Note – This is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourses at Art of Living’s satsang.

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