Mother Goddesses – Parvati, Lakshmi & Saraswati (Tridevi, Trishakti, Trimata)

Tridevi Lakshmi Parvati Saraswati

Tridevi Lakshmi Parvati Saraswati

Mother goddesses like Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati have gained much popularity among the Hindus, since ancient times. People consider them similar to their own mother, and paid great respects to them. Among the Tridevis, Ma Parvati had gained more popularity than others, and lot of temples are also dedicated to her. She is called by various names such as Shakti, Durga, Maheswari, Chamundi and Bhairavi. In India, most of the people’s Kula Deivam would be some forms of Ma Shakti Devi only.

Whenever people face any troubles, they would immediately call as “AMMA”, and would worship her whole heartedly. Similar to Vinayaka Temples, there are lot of small and big temples for Ma Parvati Devi also. She is worshipped by all sects of Hindus, and some devotees would even offer non vegetarian food items as holy Prasad to her.

Ma Kali Devi is worshipped by the great personalities like poet Kalidasa, an AMSHA of Lord Brahma, King Vikramaditya, an AMSHA of Lord Vishnu and by Rama Krishna Paramahamsa, an AMSHA of Lord Vishnu. Ma Parvati is fondly called as Amman especially by the people in Tamil Nadu, and most of the temples of Ma Parvati in Tamil Nadu contain the word Amman along with the temple name, like Mangadu Amman Temple, Vadivudai Amman Temple, Thiruverkadu Amman Temple etc.

Few temples are also dedicated for Ma Saraswati and most prominent among them are KuthanurSaraswati Temple at Tamil Nadu, and BasaraSaraswati Devi Temple at Telangana. Famous Lakshmi Devi Temples are situated in Besant Nagar Chennai, and in Kolhapur. All these deities form part and parcel of Ma Shakti Devi, and they are collectively called as Tridevi.

Ma Shakti Devi appeared before Sambandar, when he was a child and fed milk to him. Similarly she had appeared before her devotees and removed their diseases and relieved them from their sins. Shakti Devi cannot be ignored in our everyday life, and she must be considered as our divine mother, and we must pay our great respects to her throughout our life.


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