Meditation helps devotee find God

There is a great need for understanding the difference between “Meditation” and “Worship”. Meditation implies concentration on the virtues of the Almighty, while worship (Pooja) signifies “offering”. Many say public festivities are always crowded and marked by loud chanting and singing, ringing of bells and beating of drums. At times even a glimpse of the deity is impossible. “Will it not be more fruitful to meditate in a calm and serene atmosphere”. Some argue.

True offering constitutes constantly remembering that what one possesses and what one may desire to have are both privileges bestowed by God. He alone has the power to give. To think that one is presenting to the Lord what he does not possess is not an act of offering. Can anyone point out even a small article in this universe which does not belong to Him? One who gives most, also receives most.

Man is a social being. For fulfilment of his desires, he should put in collective offering” to God by way of public festivities. Even kings took active part in the religious gatherings without rejecting them as “noisy” affairs. People involve themselves when an offering is made collectively so that the fruits may be shared by all. On the other hand, if a man performs various rites all alone, the fruits thereof will go only to him.

The mind is fickle and also loses concentration even while perceiving physical objects. Hence an idol or a mantra will serve the purpose of prayer. If such aids are discarded to focus their attention on, said Sri Ganapathi Satchidananda Swami in a message.

In the present era (Kali-yuga), men are being troubled by evil forces and there is no belief in ancient spiritual values. The easy method to get over all problems is to seek God by chanting His names with faith. Saints have prescribed this solution, of using the Divine names and meditating on the glorious, of God. The human to locate him. If the mind is kept engaged by chanting mantras, bad thoughts cannot enter and even those which had stealthily crept in, will be thrown out. “Meditate and offer worship, God will give necessary guidance”.

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