Benefits of Meditation



Meditation is very important for mental relaxation, and it would help us to get relieved from mental confusion, mental tensions and general worries. We can study in lot of books, which mentions the importance of doing meditation.

According to ancient texts, we would know that the holy sages were got great powers, due to their meditation on god for several years. Meditation can be done during early in the morning, and in the evening, especially when we are in empty stomach.

While doing meditation, we can think about god, and or we can murmur the “OM” Mantra, for getting better results in our life. Even if we don’t have time on week days, we can do it on week end holidays.

If possible, we can do meditation in meditation halls, prayers halls of temples and mutts, according to our convenience. While doing meditation, we should not think about unnecessary and unwanted things in our mind, and instead of that, we should concentrate our attention on the almighty.

Simply sitting in a place, and doing meditation for name sake, would not help us, and we would get only sleep. We should do meditation with greater interest. From ancient texts, we can understand, that due to meditation, lot of demi gods and great sages, have attained higher positions.


1. We will be able to control our senses, by doing constant meditation.

2. We would get more bhakti on god.

3. We would be able to face any tough situations and challenges in our life.

4. Unnecessary gossips would be avoided.

5. Our mental strength would get improved.

6. We will not concentrate our attention on irrelevant matters.

7. We would great wisdom, courage and spiritual powers.

8. We can always live happily in our life.

9. We will not have any fear in our mind.

Hence let us try to do meditation regularly in order attain goodness in our life.

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