Meditate the God by hearing ‘OM’ sound

We can meditate the almighty by hearing the “OM” sound either from the Music Players or from our mobile phone itself. If we simply meditate on the almighty, we would easily get bored or otherwise we would easily get diverted on other worldly matters, since we are all born as ordinary people, and we are […]

Benefits of Meditation


Meditation is very important for mental relaxation, and it would help us to get relieved from mental confusion, mental tensions and general worries. We can study in lot of books, which mentions the importance of doing meditation. According to ancient texts, we would know that the holy sages were got great powers, due to their […]

Advantages of doing Meditation daily

Advantages of doing Meditation daily – Take a few moments every day for doing nothing. It really brings a lot of energy and uplifts the spirit. I think this is what is needed today. Our brain is bombarded with so much information, and so we need to recharge from time to time. Isn’t it so? […]

Meditation helps devotee find God

There is a great need for understanding the difference between “Meditation” and “Worship”. Meditation implies concentration on the virtues of the Almighty, while worship (Pooja) signifies “offering”. Many say public festivities are always crowded and marked by loud chanting and singing, ringing of bells and beating of drums. At times even a glimpse of the […]

Hindus welcome Katy Perry’s rising interest in mediation

Hindus have welcomed American singer-songwriter-actress Katy Perry’s (Teenage Dream) increasing interest in meditation. In the June 2011 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, which will hit newsstands on May five, Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson), 26, tells Vanity Fair contributing editor Lisa Robinson: “Russell (husband English actor-comedian Russell Brand) is into Hinduism…He meditates in the morning and […]