Manasa Devi Puja 2017 | Manasha Puja during Aashar month, Shraban Month

Manasa Devi (Goddess Manosha Devi) is the Serpent Goddess worshipped in Aashar month (Ashad mahina) and Shraban month (Shravan mahina) in Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, and some parts of Odisha and Bihar.

In 2017, Manasa Devi Puja date is July 14 (Naag Panchami Ashtanag Puja).

Manase Devi is considered as the Queen of Serpent Gods and believed as the protector of children and all family members. Women worship the Goddess and offer puja to Manasa Devi and Ashtanag to please them. Ashtanag Puja is also performed along with Manase Devi Puja on Nag Panchami day.

Manasa Devi Puja 2017 dates

28 June 2017 – Monosha Puja, Ashtanag Puja

14 July 2017 – Naag Panchami Monosha Puja, Ashtanag Puja

17 July 2017 – Monosha Puja, Ashtanag Puja

28 July 2017 – Monosha Puja, Ashtanag Puja

17 August 2017 – Monosha Puja, Ashtanag Puja

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    When is bengali mansa puja in september 2017