Aashar Month 2020 in Bengali calendar

Aashar month or Ashar mash is the third month in traditional Bengali calendar followed in West Bengal, some parts of Jharkhand, Assam, and Bangladesh. In 2020, Bengali Aashar month begins on 16th June and ends on 16th July. It is to note that 2020-2021 year is 1427 in Bengali solar calendar. Manasa Devi Puja, Kamakhya […]

2 July 2014, Manasa Devi Puja (Ashtanag Puja)

2 July 2014 is Manasa Devi Puja (Ashtanag Puja). It is mainly observed in Bengal and other Eastern parts of India. This puja is performed in Ashar Month & Shraban Month of Bengali calendar. Manase Devi is considered as the Queen of Serpent Gods and believed as the protector of children and all family members. […]