Manasa Devi Puja 2020 | Manasha Puja during Aashar month, Shraban Month

Manasa Devi (Goddess Manosha Devi) is the Serpent Goddess worshipped in Aashar month (Ashad mahina) and Shraban month (Shravan mahina) in Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, and some parts of Odisha and Bihar. In 2020, Manasa Devi Puja date is 25 July and 17 August 2020 (Naag Panchami Ashtanag Puja). Manase Devi is considered as the Queen […]

22 July 2019, Nag Panchami in Bengal

22 July 2019 is Nag Panchami in Bengal. Nag Panchami in Bengal is observed on Shukla Paksha Panchami in Shraban Month in Bengali calendar. Usually, Nag Panchami Manasa Puja & Ashtanag Puja is observed for more than four times in Aashar month and Shravan month in Bengal. Goddess Manasa Devi and Ashtanag Devtas are worshipped […]

2 July 2014, Manasa Devi Puja (Ashtanag Puja)

2 July 2014 is Manasa Devi Puja (Ashtanag Puja). It is mainly observed in Bengal and other Eastern parts of India. This puja is performed in Ashar Month & Shraban Month of Bengali calendar. Manase Devi is considered as the Queen of Serpent Gods and believed as the protector of children and all family members. […]