Shraban Month 2019 in Bengali calendar | Shravan Mash dates

Shraban Month (Shravan Mash) is the 4th month in traditional Bengali calendar followed in West Bengal. In 2019, Shraban month starts on 18th July and ends on 18th August. Shraban Mash is very auspicious month as per Bengali Hindu beliefs. This is the year of 1426 in Bengali Panjika. Shivling Puja, Manasa Devi Ashtanag Puja, Nag […]

Manasa Devi Puja 2019 | Manasha Puja during Aashar month, Shraban Month

Manasa Devi (Goddess Manosha Devi) is the Serpent Goddess worshipped in Aashar month (Ashad mahina) and Shraban month (Shravan mahina) in Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, and some parts of Odisha and Bihar. In 2019, Manasa Devi Puja date is 22 July and 18 August 2019 (Naag Panchami Ashtanag Puja). Manase Devi is considered as the Queen […]