Mahishi Samhara Moorthy | Lord Ayyappa as Slayer of Mahishi

Mahishi Samhara Moorthy Ayyappa

Mahishi Samhara Moorthy Ayyappa

Since our beloved Lord Ayyappa killed the powerful demoness Mahishi, who was the sister of Mahishasura, he is also called as “MAHISHI SAMHARA MOORTHY”. Similar to his brother Mahishasura, Mahishi also contained Buffalo head, and she also contained great powers. With her powers, she began to harass the Devas and the people in the earth, and hence Lord Ayyappa was incarnated in this earth who contains the features of both Lord Vishnu and Shiva, destroyed Mahishi, and granted salvation to her thus by making her to stay permanently nearby his temple shrine, and henceforth, Mahishi began to be called as “MA MANCHA MATHA”.

Pujas are also being performed to Ma Mancha Mata similar to Lord Ayyappa, and she is considered to be the female guardian of Lord Ayyappa, similar to Lord Karuppanna Swamy and Lord Ayyanar. Ma Mancha Matha contains the features of Ma Shakti Devi, and due to a curse, she was born as Mahishi, and finally she got relieved from her curse, become a Devata, and still she is seated peacefully nearby her favourite god Swamy Ayyappa.

Lord Ayyappa is also known by various other names such as “KALIYUGA VARADHAN”, the powerful god who easily relieves the troubles of the people in this difficult Kaliyuga, “SANTHA SWAROOPA”, a soft and a gentle god Ayyappa. “SABARIMALAI VASA”, the Lord who dwells in the Sabari Mala Temple Shrine, “PANDALA KUMARA”, son of king Pandala Raja, “ANNADANA PRIYANE”, the Lord who is very fond of doing Annadana in his Sabarimala Temple, “JOTHI SWAROOPANE”, the Lord who appears in the form of a sparkling light, “TATVA MASI”, the Lord who contains the powers equivalent to his father Lord Shiva, “PAPA VIMOSANA”, the Lord who relieves the sins of his devotees, “AEZHAI PANGALANE”, the Lord who gives sufficient wealth to the poor and the neglected people in the world, “ANTHARANGA DEIVAME”, devotees can tell their secret and personal problems to the great Lord Ayyappa, in order to get it resolved soon, “NEI ABHISHEKA PRIYANE”, the Lord who is very fond of accepting the ghee bath from his devotees.

Let us worship the marvellous god Ayyappa on this auspicious Sabarimala festival season, and let us be blessed.


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