Ayyappa Bhakti

Mahishi Samhara Moorthy Ayyappa

Mahishi Samhara Moorthy Ayyappa

Ayyappa Bhakti exists since several centuries. Though, the famous Sabarimala Temple is situated in Kerala, however, devotees from all parts of India, are visiting and worshipping Lord Ayyappan during the months of November – January every year. Lot of songs are dedicated for Lord Ayyappa, and especially songs sung by the famous singer, Sri Yesudas are considered to be most popular. Before going to the Sabarimala Temple, Ayyappa devotees used to observe strict fasting, visit temples and listen to Ayyappa songs at least for a period of 41 days.

As per the promise given by Lord Ayyappa after entering into his shrine at Sabarimala, he is showering his utmost grace on his devotees, removes their troubles and turmoil, and gives a new life to them. Before few years, when some women devotees showed their interest to visit and worship Lord Ayyappa in the Sabarimala Temple, lot of Ayyappa Devotees were opposed their act, and also prevented them from worshipping Lord Ayyappa. Since, Lord Ayyappa is believed to be a strict bachelor god, females below 5, and above 50 are only permitted to make an entry into the temple.

This rule was strictly imposed since several centuries, but some negative forces are trying their level best to allow entry to all the women devotees. We are all have been created by the god, it is our duty to bow our head before the great almighty, must have to follow the centuries old religious practices, and we must not try to break the religious rules, for our own convenience.

Still some people are preparing to travel to the holy Sabarimala, in order to make it as a jolly trip. Some of the people, who claim to be the devotees of Ayyappa, even smokes and drinks during their journey to Sabarimala. Due to that, they might even lose their precious life during their travelling time, since playing with the powerful god like Ayyappa would cause destruction.


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