Mahishi Samhara Moorthy | Lord Ayyappa as Slayer of Mahishi

Since our beloved Lord Ayyappa killed the powerful demoness Mahishi, who was the sister of Mahishasura, he is also called as “MAHISHI SAMHARA MOORTHY”. Similar to his brother Mahishasura, Mahishi also contained Buffalo head, and she also contained great powers. With her powers, she began to harass the Devas and the people in the earth, […]

Ayyappa Bhakti

Ayyappa Bhakti exists since several centuries. Though, the famous Sabarimala Temple is situated in Kerala, however, devotees from all parts of India, are visiting and worshipping Lord Ayyappan during the months of November – January every year. Lot of songs are dedicated for Lord Ayyappa, and especially songs sung by the famous singer, Sri Yesudas […]

Ayyappa SevaMandalis

There are few Ayyappa SevaMandalis, which are mostly operating in South India, such as in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Andhra Pradesh, and in Kerala. These SevaMandalis, helps the Ayyappan Devotees with regard to their holy pilgrimage to Sabarimala, such as arranging the “GURUSWAMY”, providing Tulasi Manimala and other puja utensils, giving valuable suggestions about the fasting procedure […]

Ayyappa Namavali | Names of Ayyappa Swamy

Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy

Lord Ayyappa is a celebrity god, and he is worshipped mostly by the people in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, though during the annual Mandala Puja Festival, devotees from all parts of India would throng to the Sabarimala temple to have the glimpse of the beautiful Ayyappa. Lord Ayyappa is a form of Lord Dharma Shasta, […]

Pandala Maharaja | King Rajasekhara, Foster Father of Lord Ayyappa

Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy

King Rajasekhara, who is also famously known as Pandala Maharaja, was a king of the Pandalam dynasty, and he was the foster father of Lord Ayyappan, a famous Hindu deity of Kerala. Once while he was hunting in the forest, he heard the cries of a baby near the banks of the Holy River Pamba. […]

Sri Dharma Shasta

Lord Ayyappa Sabarimala

Shasta also known as Sri Dharma Shasta is a famous Hindu god. Lord Ayyanar and Lord Ayyappa are the forms of Sri Dharma Shasta. In some ancient Hindu texts, the incarnations and the significance of Lord Shasta is mentioned. Shasta is believed to be the son of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu. The great Shaivite […]

Bhagyanagar Ayyappa Seva Samithi Maha Padipooja

Bhagyanagar Ayyappa Seva Samithi Maha Padipooja will be celebrated on 13 December 2015 at Exhibition Grounds, Hyderabad. BASS Invites all devotees to participate Maha Padi Pooja at Exhibition Grounds On SUNDAY 13th December 2015 at 2 pm. BASS is a Social Service Organization which was formed with the aim of serving Annadhanam to Ayyappa devotees […]

Lord Ayyappa film in 8 languages

Lord Ayyappa Sabarimala

Lord Ayyappa film in 8 languages – A multilingual film on Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity at the Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Kerala, will soon hit theaters. The film revolves around the legendary story of the incarnation of Lord Ayyappa and related incidents, which comprise a significant episode in Hindu religious history. Helmed by […]

Swami Thintakka Thom Thom Ayyappa Thintakka Thom Thom (Lyrics)

Lord Ayyappa Sabarimala

Here are the lyrics of Swami Thintakka Thom Thom Ayyappa Thintakka Thom Thom song. The song begins like ‘Swamiya Ayyappo, Ayyappo Swamiye’… Swamiye —– Ayyappo Ayyappo —– Swamiye Swami Saranam —– Ayyappaa Saranam Ayyappaa Saranam —– Swami Saranam Devane —– Deviye Deviye —– Devane Bagavaane —– Bagavathiye Bagavathiye —– Bagavaane Easwarane —– Easwariye Easwariye —– […]