Lord Krishna as Damodara

Damodara Krishna

Damodara Krishna

Lord Krishna as Damodara, Why Krishna is called Damodara?

The word Damodara is derived from the Sanskrit language word which means Damam mean rope and Udharam means belly.  The holy word “damodara” is well explained in the philosophies of Vaishnava. Soumya means looking handsome and ever smiling.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, during the childhood of Krishnavatara, the Lord was terribly mischievous boy. He could not be ordered or disciplined but can be controlled only by pure love and care.

Mother Yasodha had a hard time managing the child. The entire village people and neighbors were also having trouble plus hard time because of the child’s mischief’s and fun.

In order to discipline the child and keep him under the control of her vicinity, she used to bind him by a tight and hard rope. Yet he used to move around with the rope from the place of holding it. When he was tight to a tree in the front yard, he broke the tree into pieces and granted immediate salvation to two demons.

It is to be noted that the scare of the rope always remained on the Lord’s waist very deeply. This also indicated the Mother and child’s deep dedication to each other apart from love and affection. Therefore Lord Krishna is also known as Soumya Damodara.

In Northern India, Lord Krishna is largely addressed as Domodara. In south India, the Lord is also addressed as Soumya Damodara by the Hindus with great devotion and dedication. There only few temples in India where the presiding deity is Lord Soumya Damodara.

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