Namavali refers to chanting the names of the deities, and usually the 108 marvellous names of the deities would be recited by the devotees, and sometimes, if they recite the 1008 names of the deities, then it means, Sahasranamavali. The following are some of the Namavalis written in praise of the deities:- SHIVA NAMAVALI 1. […]

Lord Krishna as Damodara

Damodara Krishna

Lord Krishna as Damodara, Why Krishna is called Damodara? The word Damodara is derived from the Sanskrit language word which means Damam mean rope and Udharam means belly.  The holy word “damodara” is well explained in the philosophies of Vaishnava. Soumya means looking handsome and ever smiling. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, […]

Alternate names for Krishna

It is quite interesting to know the fact that there are many sweet and meaningful names for Lord Krishna. He is regarded as one of the esteemed gods in Hinduism  and regarded as one of the popular avatar of Lord Vishnu. Devotees of Lord Krishna takes much interest in addressing this Lord in the below […]