Our Love with Krishna

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

In today’s modern and fast changing life, many youngsters are getting addicted with love, and many of them wanted to select a proper match for them. For them, whether studying properly or not that doesn’t matter. Their main aim is to entertain the girls by exhibiting their talents. In city buses, we can see lot of college boys standing in the stairs of the buses in a dangerous condition. Their main aim is to attract the girls, and they would try to show themselves as “HEROES” in front of them.

Some girls also used to love that type of students, due to their bad luck, and within a short period of time, when the girls realize that their match is not suitable for them, immediately they used to ignore them. But the “HERO” buys would not make them to live peacefully and they would keep giving lot of troubles to them. And in course of time, the girls might commit suicide.

In order to avoid all these type of things in their life, both the boys and the girls must be properly motivated by their teachers and by their parents to shine well in their chosen career path. And also they must be encouraged to concentrate their attention on showing bhakti to the almighty.

Many of the youngsters didn’t know that, a pair of divine eyes keenly watch them, and that is nothing but our lovely “LORD KRISHNA”. Lord Krishna in his Bhagvad Gita says, “You may be of whatever nature, but if you concentrate your attention on me, I would change your behaviour, show you the right path, and make you to get addicted with me”.

Likewise, Krishna is always ready to shower his grace on all the people, and especially with the young people, who doesn’t know how to live their life, how to behave with others and how to show their kindness with others.

Young age people, instead of concentrating their attention on love related matters, they can show their attention on studies, as well as they can have faith with Lord Krishna, by way of chanting his divine mantras, visiting to the temples, performing pujas and doing meditation.By doing all these type of things, these young people, would get involved in “KRISHNA BHAKTI”, and thereafter their life would go very stronger, and they can also attain all kinds of prosperity in their life.


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