‘Lizard’ in Hinduism

Kanchi Golden Lizard

Kanchi Golden Lizard

Lizards contain spiritual significance and they are considered as holy reptiles. According to Hindu Astrology, they occupy an important place, and it is believed, that if they fall in our body in certain parts, good changes would happen in our life.

1. If the lizard falls on our face, we would have to welcome our guest, and offer them a cup of tea or coffee.

2. If the lizard falls on our head, we have to face opposition from our enemies.

3. If the Lizard falls on our hair, we would gain good things in our life.

4. If the lizard falls on our upper lip, we would be losing lot of money, and if its falls in our lower lip, we would gain more money.

5. If the lizard falls on our nails, we would lose our wealth.

6. If the lizard falls on our neck, we can win over our enemies, and our enemies would become our best friends.

7. If the lizard falls on the left arm, we would get more pleasure, and if it falls in the right arm, we will become sick.

8. If the lizard falls on our feet, it gives bad luck to us.

9. If the lizard falls on our back side of the body, we would have to face severe problems in our life.

If a lizard enters our house, we must welcome it, and must not disturb it, since according to Hinduism, lizards are considered as an aspect of Ma Lakshmi, and brings good prospects and prosperity in our life.

If they fall in any of the parts of our body, there is no need to afraid of it. Without causing harm to them, we have to remove them carefully from our body, and make them to move freely in our homes. If we injure any lizard, whether knowingly or unknowingly, it would create lot of problems to us, and our life would be filled up with full of miseries and sorrows.

Hence let us protect the Divine Reptile Lizard, and worship Mata Lakshmi Devi.

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