Lord Krishna, the Great Almighty

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

All the demigods are executing their tasks in a wonderful manner. Lord Vayu is the wind god, who gives good breeze, and through him only we are able to breathe. Lord Agni is the Fire god, and without his help, we can’t cook and we cannot light the lamps in our house and in the temples. Lord Varuna is the ocean god, and he is also considered as the rain god, and he gives rain along with Lord Indra, through his supreme powers. Kubera is the god of wealth, and he gives wealth for us along with Mata Lakshmi Devi.

Lord Indra is the god of the demigods, and he contains great powers, and gives good health and sound mental power. Yama is the death god, and most of us would not be interested to welcome him. But the great yogis and saints are ready to leave their life at any time, since they have already surrendered at the feet of the almighty.

God is a noble one, and he is a great one, that nobody can ignore. He is affectionate towards us, and showers his grace, and gives all kinds of prosperity to us. He also acts obediently to the great sages, and serves them well. The great Rama and Krishna respected the sages and served them in a pleasing manner. Lord Krishna used to bow his head before his aunt Kunti Devi, as a token of showing his great respects to her.

Lord Krishna done penance on Lord Shiva for getting a noble son, and due to that, the great Samba was born to him and his consort Mata Jambavathi. He has used his powers only in case of need, and most of the time, he remained as an ordinary man. But if we get good name, money and prestige in this society, we are not respecting others, and badly treating others, and we are jumping between the earth and the sky. We must learn the lesson from the life history of Rama and Krishna.

Lord Vishnu incarnated in this earth as Lord Venkateshwara and done penance under an ant hill, and he lived a very simple life by residing with his foster mother Mata Vakula Devi. After marrying Mata Padmavati, he took the form of an idol and residing in Tirumala and still blessing his devotees. Only for the sake of the mankind, he came down to the earth from the divine Vaikunta, and is showering his grace on us in a standing posture.

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