Lord Krishna, the Great Almighty

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

The supreme Lord is the head of the entire universe. He is worshipped in various names and in various forms, and he performs many activities and controls the living beings in the entire universe.He also shares his duties to the divine demigods by giving them super natural powers, and making them to discharge their duties in a proper manner.

The earth goddess, Mata Bhudevi is the divine earth mother, and she improves the fertility in the earth, and also absorbs the rain water, and makes the crops to grow properly. She is considered as the Kuladevi of the farmers, since through her great help only, the farmers are able to properly harvest their crops.

Lord Brahma is creating all the living beings in the earth, and putting the fate on their heads. He is the creator god, who discharges his creation duties based on the karmic deeds of the living beings on the earth. Mata Saraswati is the education goddess, and she gives good knowledge to those who worships her, and who are good in nature. Lord Shiva and Shakti are the divine parents of the mortal and the immortals, in the earth and in the heaven. Through their great powers they are controlling the functions of the earth and the divine worlds in the heaven.

Lord Vishnu is the protector god who protects us from our problems, and gives good courage, wisdom, good health and mental peacefulness. Mata Lakshmi Devi is the goddess of wealth, and those who sincerely worships her, would get good wealth, name and fame. Child deities like Vinayaka, Muruga and Ayyappan, and avatars like Veerabhadra, Kalabhairava and Muneeswaran are formed from the powers of the Divine gods, and they are safeguarding their devotees throughout their life.

Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati are considered as our divine parents. They are also called as Ammai, means mother, Appan, means father. They are the universal parents, and protect their children during the times of their difficulties, and consoling us during the times of our distress. There are lot of temples dedicated all over the world for Shivasakthi, but most of the temples are located in India, and lot of ancient and popular temples are situated in South India. Lot of songs and mantras are written in praise of them, and they are the inseparable life partners, and they exist since the creation of the universe.

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