Lord Krishna, the Great Almighty

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Though we cannot see their divine form in our eyes, we can see them in the form of idols in the temples, and worship them with great respect. Lot of kings, saints and rishis were attained salvation due to the divine grace of Shiva Parvati. Their greatness cannot be explained by us fully, since they contain immeasurable powers, and the entire universe is functioning only through their divine blessings.

Similar to our parents, Shivashakti contains great affection on us, and they would forgive our sins, when we realize our mistakes and asks them to pardon us. Developing bhakti on them is not easy. We have to concentrate our attention on them from our childhood, and must visit the temples of Shivashakti and chant the mantras. Some people are losing their interest in worshipping the divine parents, due to their personal sufferings. But it is not correct. We have been blessed and protected by them. Even the creator god Brahma used to worship Shivashakti in order to discharge his duties properly.

In our human birth, happiness and sufferings are common. But in order to maintain the withstanding power to tolerate our sufferings, we have to necessarily develop the habit of praying to the divine couples. If we keep on worshipping Shiva Parvati, we would be able to consider both happiness and the sorrows in our life in a similar manner, and we would get great spiritual energy, and through that, we would be able to live our life in a peaceful manner. By worshipping Father Shiva and Mata Shakti, we are not going to lose anything, but we would gain a lot. We would get good karma, by keeping constant bhakti on the great god and the great goddess. One thing, we should remember for ever is, nothing would come with us after our death, but only our good deeds and bad deeds would come with us, and during our subsequent births, we have to suffer or enjoy, based on our karmic deeds.

The most important temple to worship Shiva Parvati is the Tiruvannamalai temple. We can easily get salvation just by merely thinking about the great Lord Annamalayar and Devi Unnamalaiamman itself.

Apart from the main gods and goddesses, lot of divine demi gods and goddesses are also there. Demigods like Indra, Varuna, Vayu, Agni, Kubera, Yama, Nirudhi and the nine planets are very powerful, and they are ready to reduce our burdens in our life. Consorts of the demi gods are known as demigoddesses and they contain great powers, and they are considered as the incarnations of Mata Parvati Devi.

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