Importance of Ram Naam | Chanting Ram Naam

Lord Rama

Lord Rama

There are enormous benefits of Chanting Ram Naam. Chanting Ram Naam helps people to achieve mental satisfaction so that they can easily cross the BhavSagar (BIRTH AND DEATH).

The power of Ram Naam Chanting gives tremendous joy to the human soul.

Lord Rama is the one who is everywhere and in everyone but we cannot see him with our open eyes but we can see him with the continuous chanting of Rama Mantra.

In human avatar lord Rama, gave a very good message to the whole humanity.

  • Always do good Karma and follow the path of righteousness.
  • To have compassion in our heart.
  • Simplicity is the best policy.
  • To make our mind strong to face anything in life.
  • To respect our Parents, teachers and  elders.

The above things can be achieved by continuously by worshipping lord Rama and by chanting his name.

Rama is Antaryami( means – The one who knows everything) and who has many names. The highest authority of cosmic phenomena.

The name of Rama is one of the most compelling and positive vibes in this cosmos.

Chanting or reciting Ram Naam while meditating enhances the benefits of Meditation, phenomenally.

Benefits of Chanting Ram Naam

Reciting and chanting the Ram Naam in the Meditation unites us with the Supreme sentience.

Chanting Ram Naam makes us free from our destructive energy. It develops the constructive energy flow from us.

Chanting Ram Naam gives us peace of mind and helps us to overcome the disorders like anxiety and Depression.

Chanting Ram Naam creates a significant vibration on the human body which invokes the part of the subconscious mind by invoking sleeping nerves. It improves our decision-making abilities and makes us more creative.

Ram Naam helps us to overcome bad behaviour and anger problems. The Frequent Chanting of Ram Naam makes us able to come out of penitential sentiments.

Chanting Ram Naam act as an Ayurvedic medicine which heals our emotional pains and sorrows. It also heals us physically like improving our Blood circulation and enhancing our blood purification system. That is the power of Ram Naam that even a dying person can get his life easily back.

One of the substantial benefits of Ram Naam Jaap is; it will set us towards the right direction on our life journey. It will grow the feeling of Compassion, trust, and faith with us which will help us to become a better human being, a better gentleman.

There are several benefits of chanting Rama mantra-like, it gives us happiness which means perennial joy. It will improve our body metabolism and reduce catabolism or toxic elements from our body.

Lord Hanuman is one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama. There are many extraordinary childhood stories associated with Hanuman Ji . Once he stated that just by reciting or chanting the Ram Naam he gets the cosmic energy. It makes sense why Lord Hanuman was incredibly so Strong? Maruti reverence for Lord Rama gave him such an unrestricted strength. The strength which helped him to displace mount Dronagiri from the Himalayas to Sri Lanka. ( The remaining part of the mount is known as Dunagiri and located at northern Indian state of Uttarakhand). Another incidence is Sambadhi an eagle, and also the brother of JATAYU, has regained its destroyed feather’s just by chanting RAM NAAM for three times.

Reciting and Chanting Ram Naam is The easiest way to purify our Soul and Karma. By chanting rama mantra for several lakhs of times will make us to reach the upper world’s in heaven.

Anyone who chants continuously rama mantra during his entire life time, will never take rebirth and will finally be merged with Lord Vishnu in Vaikunta.

Several positive factors are there by chanting Rama Mantra. Chanting RAMA MANTRA is very easy and simple one. Anybody can chant this mantra without much difficulty and chant several 100 times of mantra within a few minutes.

According to Hindu Puranas and Epics, several ways are there to attain SALVATION – THAT IS ATTAINING THE GLORY OF GOD. One such way is by chanting Rama Mantra. But the mantra must be chanted with pure bhakthi and entire devotion on god. Just by simply chanting Rama Mantra without devotion, will not make any difference in a person’s life.

Hence It must be concluded that one of the simplest ways to reach heaven is by chanting RAMA MANTRA continuously in their life time.



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