Bhakti Movement

The Bhakti movement reached at its peak during the 14th and 15th centuries. Lot of Indian saints have developed bhakti in the minds of the people, and they tolerated even when they were criticised by other religious people, and their main aim was to propagate their religious philosophies and teachings amongst the masses. The Bhakti […]

Sins as per Hinduism

As per Hinduism, Sins done by the people whether knowingly or unknowingly are subjected to severe punishment during their life time as well as after their death. Harming others by physically or even verbally, would also subject to a sinful activity. Doing sins cannot be avoided fully in our human life, since harming the small […]

Importance of Hindu Dharma | Sanatana Dharma

Hindu Dharma cultivates spiritual values and morale among fellow human beings. It is the religion which implements worship of idol as god and doing good to the living beings such as offering various danams to poor people such as annadanam, vastradanam, kanyadanam, grahadanam and vidyadanam. Idol worship is practicable in Hindu Dharma. This is due […]

Classification of Tamil Brahmins

Classification of Tamil Brahmins according to veda and Suthra they follow.. The Brahmins of Tamil Nadu can be classified by the Vedas that they follow . Again those people who follow a Veda are sub divided by the Grihya Suthra that they follow to do their rituals.There are no followers of Athavana Veda In Tamil […]

Tamil Smartha Brahmins Sub castes

Classification by Sub castes among Smartha Brahmins Iyers know that they are divided in to several sub castes.Once upon a time, each of these sub castes considered themselves as the most superior and did not marry from other subcastes. If I have left out some caste sub division or wrongly classified, please inform me so […]

Contribution of Abhinavgupta to Hindu Dharma, Kashmir Shaivism

Abhinavgupta was born in a Kashmiri Pandit family. His original name was different and this was a title he was conferred upon by his masters signifying proficiency and trustworthiness. Abhinavagupta was a single worded title that was conferred upon him, and he is believed to be belonging to the Kaul clan and hence he was […]

Hinduism is Universal in Character

The edifice of Hinduism has been founded, erected and fostered by sages, saints and illustrious spiritual guides. Hence the customs, usages, and traditions which are being continued have eternal validity and they can be scientifically explained. The scriptures are not myths as some say. Every act has a deep significance. Unfortunately, the cultural history of […]

Hindu Dharma’s Methods to show gratitude

God not only protects the righteous but also removes the evil elements, as and when occasion demands. This is analogous to plants, which, in addition to requiring water for their sustenance, need the uprooting of weeds raising their heads along with them. Sir Sengalipuram Anantarama Dikshitar in his discourse said that certain acts, inherently bad in nature […]