Find Heaven in Earth itself

Yes. It is true. Really we can find heaven in this beautiful earth itself. Since it is very difficult to visit the heaven with our physical body, we should consider this earth similar to heaven. Truly speaking, even in the beautiful heaven and in the Satya Loka, we can’t find big temples and the fragrant flowers, which is available in plenty in this earth.

If we stay permanently in the heaven, then we will not be having the intention and the interest to worship the gods and the powerful saints, since in the heaven we would not suffer similar to the earth. We can visit the abode of Lord Shiva in this earth itself, and nowadays, travel to the holy Kailash is made very much simplified by our government.

Most of us are aiming to attain the heavenly abode, since we are disinterested to live in this earth, due to our own sufferings and also from natural calamities like earth quake, floods and cyclones etc. Happiness and unhappiness is based on our feelings and on our acts only. For example, if we think ourselves that we are suffering from head ache, even without having the symptoms of the head ache, then definitely we would get headache very soon. If we read some of the books relating to the topic, “MIND MANAGEMENT”, in that, it would be mentioned lot of motivational aspects which has to be followed in our life.

In some seminars, big management Gurus would give wonderful advices to the audiences in order to increase their skills and capabilities. They used to ask us to repeatedly tell, “I AM THE TRUE WINNER”, “I AM HAVING GOOD PHYSIQUE, “I DON’T HAVE ANY DISEASE”,“I TRUST IN GOD”,“GOD HAS GIVEN ALL THE NECESSARY THINGS FOR ME”, like that. Even if a dull person is motivated to repeat the above said wordings again and again, then on one fine day, he would become bright, and he would have got the necessary skills to prove himself before the world.Hence instead of dreaming or imagining about living in the Indra Loka, we could find heaven in this wonderful mother Earth itself, if we always keep our attention on the almighty.


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