Nice Treatment in Heaven

Unlike in the earth, in Swarga Loka the demigods would greatly respect each other, and would give nice treatment for the new entrants also. Though it is very difficult to reside in the Swarga Loka, still now, few famous saints and noble hearted people are attaining the holy Loka after their death. In Swarga Loka, no one would feel jealous and ill-treat others. Everyone would shower their love and affection on each other, and would use polite words during their conversations.

As per legend, after the death of Duryodana, he attained heaven, since he had met with a heroic death. At that time, he met the young children of the Pandavas in the heaven, who were killed by Aswathamma. Since Duryodana had become a noble person, due to his position as a demigod in the heaven, he embraced all the children of the Pandavas, and began to speak with them in an affectionate manner. From this incident, we can know, that whoever attains the Swarga Loka, after their death, would become pure and pious, and they would move cordially with one another.

But at this present situation of the world, people like Duryodana cannot enter into the heaven, after their death. Duryodana, lived during the previous Dwapara Yuga, and during that time, whoever had attained heroic death in the battle field, had reached heaven. Swarga Loka is not meant only for enjoying pleasures in that divine world. We have to worship Lord Indra and Ma Indrani along with their children Jayanta and Jayanti, in a whole heartedly manner. In that place itself, we can also worship the Trimuritis and the Tridevis, the great Vishnu devotees Prahalada and Dhruva, and Rishis like Agastya, Vashishta and Vishwamitra, since they contains more powers than that of Lord Indra and his family.

But there is an end for us even if we stay in the heaven. After the completion of the stipulated period, again, we have to be born in the earth as mortals, and must have to suffer from the troubles and the turmoil in the earth. In order to conquer the death, we have to sincerely worship Lord Vinayaka, who is the beloved elephant god for everyone in this world.


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